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Lego Robotics

​​The Lego Robotics class from grades 3-5 is offered to any grade 3-5 students who want to learn how to build robots, design simple programs, participate in the robot challenge and work as a team. The students will also learn valuable research and skills on how to express information and ideas to others. The teacher has a master's degree in computer science. has been a university lab instructor for 5 years and loves to work with kids. The assistant coach has led FLL lego teams for 2 years. 

Math and Math Games

​​The math camp prepares students for the rigors of math curriculum and also teaches students problem-solving techniques to prepare them for prestigious middle school math contests such as MATHCOUNTS, MOEMS, and the AMC 8. 

Youth Leadership Development 

​​​​Provides students with a safe environment to grow their strengths in the key areas of leadership, communication, presence, interpersonal skills and skills needed to achieve their goals.  The fun and highly interactive experience enables significant growth in self-awareness, self-confidence and provides the tools needed to succeed in and beyond the classroom including competing for leadership roles, scholarships, college acceptance and summer internships.   Program Focus: Middle-school – Self-discovery; High School – Leadership Efficacy.

The teacher is a highly trained and Certified Master Executive Coach. She leverages her impressive corporate experience of creating success, with her coaching skills to ignite high performance in people, teams and organizations through “In-Powerment”.  She combines 30-years of corporate experience leading groups as large as 5,000 and budgets as big as $8 billion with coaching best practices to support her clients to achieve breakthrough results.

The teacher has coached more than 1,000 executives, senior and emerging leaders in organizations including: GE, BP, AllState, Chicago Cubs, North Western University, Ohio State University, etc.  

In addition to her corporate experience creating success, she is widely trained and certified in key industry coaching best practices.

​SAT Math

Dive into this full immersion summer prep camp

and emerge completely ready to take on the SAT.

You'll cover every single topic tested, learn exclusive

strategies, and practice in class until you've thoroughly mastered all the material.

Speech and Theater

​​It is a great learning experience for children to be exposed to public speaking at an early age. Public speaking and being able to communicate is a very useful skill to have, and will help them a lot later on in life. The beginning speech class is offered to novice speakers from grade 3 to grade 5. The teacher has over 30 years of experience working with kids. He will start from a simple introduction to prepare the kids at the beginning of the class, to having them deliver high-quality speeches at the end of the class. Group activities will also be provided. 

To register for a summer camp, please click to start registration or click on the posters to find out more. Sides Summer Camp Poster222new.pdf  Middle Summer Camp Poster new 111.pdf

​PSAT 8/9®

Train for the PSAT 8/9®, a placement test 8th Graders will take to be put into high school courses. We will cover both the Math Section and the Language Arts Section.

​Debate Camp

Public Forum workshops are two week programs designed for students entering grades 4-8 who want to learn about Public Forum debate, the most popular debate format in the US, or advance their Public Forum debating skills.

We will cover topics from public forum format, card cutting, research, constructive speech and analysis, rebuttal speech and analysis, summary and final focus speech, flowing, crossfire, to a final debate tournament etc.

The camp also prepares students for the invitational tournament at Georgetown University.